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Red Bank Veterinary Hospital - Tinton Falls

Referral Success Story: Dr. Glass

Dr. Glass with his dog patient and its owner

FEB 12, 2020

Knowing when to refer a case can make all the difference. Advanced clinical training and access to high-tech equipment allow specialists to better assess and treat more complex cases. By placing your cases and trust into the hands of our specialists, you are providing your patients with the opportunity to receive the most advanced care for the best possible outcome and highest quality of life.

Case Background

Charlie, an exuberant 4-year-old French bulldog presented to Dr. Eric Glass, our board certified veterinary neurologist, in February 2019 for a recent onset of severe neck pain. An in-house state-of-the-art MRI scan revealed severe compression of the cervical spinal cord at the C2-3 intervertebral disc space. As with any life-threatening injury to the nervous system it is imperative that an immediate neurosurgical procedure be performed by a qualified individual. Without delay, and with the aid of a complete, highly trained neurosurgical team including board certified anesthesiologists and criticalists, Charlie had a ventral slot procedure within hours of presentation.

Postoperatively, Charlie did very well and returned to his normal playful demeanor. Unfortunately, in June of 2019, Charlie once again developed severe pain in the cervical region. A repeat MRI now revealed that Charlie had ruptured a completely different disc at the C3-4 intervertebral disc space which was normal on the first MRI. A second ventral slot was performed successfully with Charlie returning to his normal routines in a matter of days. Then, in October 2019, Charlie unbelievably represented to Dr. Glass, now unable to walk normally in the hindlimbs. He was diagnosed with a T3L3 myelopathy and a third MRI was performed that revealed a severe disc herniation at L1-2. Once again, and without any delay, Charlie had a third neurosurgical procedure, a hemilaminectomy, to remove the herniated disc material compressing the spinal cord and causing the neurologic deficits. This too resulted in return to normal function in a matter of days.

Thankfully, Charlie is now back to being a completely normal young French bulldog. His family is very happy to have him walking and pain free.

Referring Veterinarian Testimonial

“I have been referring to neurologist Dr. Eric Glass since he began practicing at Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals. My overall experience with Dr. Glass as a veterinarian has been nothing short of exceptional. He is always available to receive cases, and he is one of the specialists that will make himself available to speak to referring vets on the phone to discuss referrals before they are even sent.

A recent mutual patient, Charlie, presented last year with cervical pain, that was unable to be controlled with medication. After little to no response, I knew it was time for him to see Dr. Glass. He diagnosed a cervical disc rupture that required surgery. Charlie responded wonderfully. Unfortunately, Charlie was one of the rare patients that eventually developed another ruptured disc several months later ... and then a third. After 3 major surgeries, Charlie is doing well and is back to being a happy puppy. Without specialists like Dr. Glass, Charlie would have no quality of life, and would likely have had to be euthanized. It is because of the ability to refer to outstanding veterinary specialists that we as general practitioners, are able to provide the highest quality of care to our clients and our patients. I can say without hesitation, that because of Dr. Glass and other specialists, many of my patients would have had much shorter lives, and less quality of life, if not for their expertise and intervention.” - John G. Hynes, DVM, MRCVS Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice