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Red Bank Veterinary Hospital - Tinton Falls

dog's teeth

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to your pet’s health. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital’s Dentistry & Oral Surgery Department is trained to evaluate genetic and acquired oral diseases and conditions that cause discomfort in your pet.

Dental Surgery & Restorative Dentistry

We perform a variety of surgical procedures in the mouth. Our team is skilled at addressing difficult extractions, oral tumor removal, jaw fracture management, palate defects, oronasal fistulae, and dislocated teeth.

Advanced dental techniques are available for your pet, including cast metal crowns to strengthen fractured teeth, fillings, and composite restorations for cavities and enamel defects.

Dental Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests such as digital dental radiographs reveal diseases of the teeth. These X-rays are invaluable in assessing dental problems that cannot be seen, including:

  • Root abscess

  • Root fracture

  • Root and crown resorption

  • Dental anomalies

  • Bone lysis associated with oral tumors

  • Jaw fractures

Dental X-rays, combined with routine blood tests, are essential to proper diagnosis of oral problems and treatment planning in pets. Advanced imaging, which includes MRI and CT scans, is also available as needed.