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Red Bank Veterinary Hospital - Tinton Falls

Doctor doing a pet surgery


Visit the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Surgery Department when your pet requires a specialist. Our surgeons perform a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures incorporating the latest equipment and techniques. We use a multi-disciplinary approach, working in conjunction with your primary veterinarian and our team of specialists to compassionately restore and maintain the health of all patients.

Soft tissue surgery - involves the organs, tissues, and skin, including:

  • Correction of congenital heart defects

  • Excision of tumors involving the spleen, liver, and intestines

  • Removal of foreign materials causing intestinal obstructions

  • Resection of large skin or subcutaneous masses requiring reconstructive surgery

  • Thoracic surgery to remove lung tumors

  • Thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery to decrease recovery time and postoperative pain

Orthopedic surgery corrects disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including:

  • Fractured bones

  • Dislocated joints

  • Ruptured ligaments and dislocating patellas in the knee

Our surgeons offer several different techniques for repairing common and disabling injuries including arthroscopic surgery and hip replacement and reconstruction.