Blood Bank

The Wyatt Goldthwaite Veterinary Blood Bank at Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals

There are many reasons why a pet may need a blood transfusion. Patients of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital are fortunate to have access to the Wyatt Goldthwaite Veterinary Blood Bank.

Blood Saves Lives in Pets

Blood products are necessary for supplying oxygen and fluids to the body’s organs. Transfusions help in a variety of medical situations such as surgery, trauma, and treating various blood disorders.

Like humans, dogs and cats have blood types. The process of determining blood type, called cross-matching, can be done in minutes to ensure the safest transfusion.

Our blood bank carries a supply of both canine and feline blood products. We have a number of volunteer donors that help save pet lives by donating to our blood bank. Their donations ensure that there are blood products available for patients experiencing a health crisis.

The Wyatt Goldthwaite Veterinary Blood Bank

The Wyatt Goldthwaite Veterinary Blood Bank began in 2007, thanks to a generous donation by the Goldthwaite family in memory of their beloved dog, Wyatt. While being treated by the Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals Oncology Department, Wyatt was the recipient of several blood transfusions. It was the family's hope that a dedicated blood bank would enable Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals to continue providing advanced care and blood products to critically ill patients.

Our Blood Bank Mission

  • To provide a reliable humane source of veterinary blood products for canines and felines;
  • To provide education to hospital staff and clients about blood product donation and usage; and
  • To ensure blood products are used properly to best benefit the patients of the Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals.

Join the Pet Lifesaving Team

Are you interested in having your pet become part of our volunteer donor team?

The Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals blood donor program is currently open to our canine and feline patients of sound health and gentle nature. Donors should be:

  • Between 1–7 years of age at the start of the program
  • A minimum of 50 pounds for dogs; 10 pounds for cats
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Taking heartworm preventive (dogs only)
  • Using flea and tick preventive (dogs only)
  • Housed indoors (cats only)
  • Many long term medications are approved, please enquire during screening

Once accepted into the program, donations are performed by appointment only, at your convenience! On donation day, a drop-off service is available, but you are more than welcome to wait for your pet. The donation appointment is typically completed in less than one hour. This appointment includes an exam each time prior to donation and a closely-monitored recovery. The actual donation, which takes about 10 minutes, is followed by a reward – your pet is spoiled with large doses of TLC! Canine donations are typically performed without sedation, but cats require a mild, safe sedative for the procedure.

Only a small percentage of your pet’s blood is drawn during the collection process and the body begins to replace that amount immediately. We will shave a small square of hair from under the neck to collect the blood as part of the sterile blood collection technique.

Pet Lifesaver Rewards

We are so grateful for all the pets that help to save other pet lives. To help thank them, your pet will receive:

  • Complimentary blood product, should your pet ever need it
  • Complimentary bag of Royal Canin pet food
  • Complimentary physical exam
  • Complimentary comprehensive lab testing annually
  • $75 Credit on your Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals account

Please note: These tests and exam do not replace regular wellness care. We expect you to stay current with your pet's veterinary visits and recommended vaccines.


Make an Appointment

If you feel your pet is a good candidate for our program, please call or email us for more information.

Wyatt Goldthwaite Veterinary Blood Bank

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