Our Green Initiatives

We make thoughtful choices to care for the planet while we care for your pets.

Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals Green Initiatives: For the Health of Our Environment

Green Initiatives at Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals, it is important to us to protect our environment: for our patients, our clients, our employees, and our community.

We Are Going Green

You may observe some of our green initiatives as you visit the Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals locations and others are not immediately obvious. Nevertheless, we continue to make improvements that benefit the environment and promote a positive approach to health.

Some current initiatives include the following:

  • Cleaning—We use biodegradable products for cleaning and have eliminated cleaning tools with consumables, such as toilet wands with disposable plastic scrub pad. We do, however, continue to use hospital-grade disinfecting products.
  • Laundry—To wash, we use metered dispensing equipment from five-gallon containers; this process has decreased our detergent and bleach usage by one-half (5 gallons in 30 days vs. 5 gallons in 7 days).
  • Trash—All of our locations are now using single-stream recycling for less work and use of space: no separation also leads to better compliance.
  • Paint—We use only no odor, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints.
  • Interior lighting—We have installed occupancy sensors in bathrooms to conserve electricity.
  • Garage lighting—We have changed some Metal Halide fixtures to T8 fluorescents, which produces more light, lasts longer, and ultimately costs less to operate (MH 175 watt bulb costs $28 vs. T8 bulb costs 93 cents).
  • Electronics—All of our electronics are recycled, including computers and monitors.

As you can see, we have made a good start. However, we are making efforts to expand our green initiatives through a continuous quality improvement program.

Do You Have a Green Idea?

Have a suggestion for how we can improve? Contact us directly to share your ideas.

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