If Your Pet is Hospitalized

Helpful Information When Your Pet is Hospitalized at Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals

Having a pet in the hospital, away from home, may leave you feeling uncomfortable. To ease your concern, your pet is under the care of our qualified team of veterinarians and technicians 24 hours a day. Your pet’s condition is monitored regularly: vital signs, food and fluid intake, and changes in medical status. Thank you for your trust. We appreciate the opportunity to care for your pet.


Health Care Plans & Estimates

Any time that your veterinarian recommends hospitalization for your pet, Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals will present you with a health care plan. This will include an approximate range of charges that may be incurred for services and procedures. If your bill should increase to exceed the highest end of the plan, you will be notified by a staff member. Changes in your pet’s medical condition may be one reason for additional fees.

Payment and payment options will be discussed with you by your veterinarian and a member of our client services staff at the time your pet is hospitalized.

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Patient Updates & Comfort Checks

Your pet’s veterinarian contacts you at least once a day with a medical report. The updates generally occur between 9 and 11 a.m. after medical rounds, when our veterinarians review each patient’s progress.

If a significant change occurs in your pet’s condition, you are contacted by a veterinarian, regardless of the time, unless you indicate otherwise. In addition, if you would like a Comfort Check status update from one of our technicians, call the hospital between 9 and 10 p.m.


Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are primarily for owners wishing to visit pets hospitalized in our Critical Care Unit. All visits must be approved and arranged in advance by your veterinarian.

Visiting a pet on the day of an anesthetic procedure is usually not recommended. This is to allow your pet to remain calm and start the healing process. Generally, the effects of anesthesia and pain management medication can make your pet groggy for one or two days after a procedure. We may ask that you wait until your pet is fully alert, and able to give a reassuring tail wag or peaceful purr as a sign that he or she is ready for a visit.

General visiting outside of CCU is typically not recommended. Seeing a family member can cause pets to become unsettled and nervous after they are successfully acclimated to the hospital setting.

CCU Visiting Hours

Monday – Friday:
12 – 1:30 p.m.
5 – 7 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
12 – 1:30 p.m.

When arriving to visit, please alert the front desk so we may escort you through the hospital. Visits are limited to 20 minutes, two visitors at a time, unless your veterinarian approves otherwise.



While your pet is hospitalized, we ask that you take home your pet’s collar, leash, toys, and blankets. We don’t want to risk misplacing precious items while caring for your pet. Exceptions are made for pets in critical care that might benefit from a special blanket or toy from home. Be assured that we have plenty of clean, comfortable blankets, towels, and cushions for your pet to rest and snuggle on.



Encouraging a patient to eat is important following a medical procedure or while recovering from illness. Pets enjoy comfort food, and we welcome food brought from home. Please discuss with your veterinarian whether your pet’s medical condition allows for him or her to maintain a regular diet. If so, and it is a food that we do not stock in our hospital, you are welcome to bring it from home and we will prepare and serve it at feeding time.

If a special diet is recommended, we carry a variety of prescription and therapeutic diets. Your veterinarian may work with our clinical nutritionist to determine the best options for your pet.



The staff at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital understands that there may be a time when you, as a pet owner, are faced with the painful decision of choosing the amount of life-saving measures to offer your beloved pet. Unexpected trauma and serious illness make these decisions all the more difficult.

As in human medicine, there are various levels of resuscitation efforts. These efforts can be minimal or extensive and will depend on your pet’s medical condition and quality of life, your personal wishes, and what is financially possible in your particular situation.

We would like you to be aware of these resuscitation options so you can continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of your pet. Below is a description of each level and an approximate cost to cover the necessary procedures and medications that may be required to carry out that level of care. Depending upon your pet’s condition upon admission, you may be asked to select a life support option for hospital staff to abide by.

Code Levels

  • RED: Indicates that no CPR efforts are requested. A pet will be allowed to pass away with no intervention. Since there are no extra measures taken, there are no additional costs.
  • YELLOW: Indicates that all external life saving measures are to be taken. This includes CPR, appropriate medications, and defibrillation. CPR can typically last from 10-30 minutes. Please call your nearest location for an estimate of costs associated with required treatments and medications.
  • GREEN: Indicates advanced resuscitation. This includes all external life support measures listed above in addition to internal life saving measures such as direct heart compression. At this level of care, the patient requires vigilant monitoring and the technical expertise of dedicated critical care personnel. A combination of external and internal support can typically last for up to one hour and the outcome, is unfortunately, uncertain. Please call your nearest location for an estimate of costs associated with required treatments and medications.
  • Your pet’s veterinarian is available should you have any questions about these choices.


Area Hotels

Should your pet’s treatment at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital require that you stay close by, we have created a listing of hotels.

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