We are now offering TeleDentistry/TeleRadiology to the referring community to give more convenient access to our Dentistry & Oral Surgery service. Connect with Dr. Kevin Haggerty using Timeless Veterinary Systems to request diagnostic imaging interpretation, diagnosis and treatment planning. As with standard radiographic images, the support of expert clinicians to assist in interpretation of diagnostic dental radiographs can be an indispensable asset to a veterinary practice.

How It Works

Via our secure custom-built web based veterinary teleradiology/telemedicine platform by Timeless Veterinary Systems, your staff will complete a history form and provide the images/attachments. Images/attachments are provided either by direct upload or PACS transfer of DICOM images. If you currently use another PACS system such as IDEXX, Antech, or other similar service, a link to view the study can be provided. Our doctors will be notified when your case is ready to be read and we’ll create a report for you. The report will be sent to you and/or your office via the email address associated with your account.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Register by clicking the “Register Now” button above. Once your account is reviewed and authenticated, you will receive an approval emailand account login information.
  • Log in using your registered credentials by clicking the “Log-in” button above.
  • Complete your profile by adding users and clinic information to your account, under "Account". Make sure to click "Submit" after adding each user.
  • When you are ready to request a case review, please visit the homepage and select the "Create New Case" option.
  • Fill out the appropriate in-take form fields including department (Dentistry), service request, patient/owner, doctor and case description in the following screens. You may add any images necessary to the case within these steps.
  • After all important information is filled, click the green "Submit Case" button.

Services Offered

Intraoral teleradiology

Intraoral radiographic reading services aim to complement and support the general practitioner through interpretation of intraoral radiographs and provision of treatment recommendations. The clinical examination findings and intraoral photographs can be interpreted along with the intraoral radiographs for a comprehensive assessment.

Oral telemedicine

Not all conditions in the oral cavity require intraoral radiographs for initial evaluation and treatment planning. Radiographic interpretation is part of what we do however consultations do not have to include radiographs. Examples might include the best course of treatment for things such as malocclusions, oral tumors, or even determining a treatment plan for a refractory or recurrent oral inflammatory condition (to name a few). For these cases, pictures of the patient's condition can be submitted without x-rays.

STAT Add-on option

Turnaround time for a STAT request is within 1 hour however arrangements can be made for immediate real time feedback for urgent cases under anesthesia. Since writing an official report takes time, for STAT requests, an initial phone call is made to the clinician to discuss the findings (radiographic and/or photographic impressions and treatment recommendations). An official report follows within 24 hours.

Price List:

There are three reading/consult options plus the ability to add on STAT:

  • Standard read <4 images = $98.00
  • Standard read >4 images = $148.00
  • Oral Medicine Consult (pictures only) = $148.00
  • STAT service add-on = $50.00

We aim to deliver timely, exceptional service.

During normal business hours Monday-Friday EST, we offer a 24hr turnaround. We also offer a STAT 1-hour turn­around option (sooner if required by the case), during normal business hours Monday-Friday EST for those patients with emergent care needs (which is often the case with dental patients under general anesthesia).