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Jun 06, 2017

How to Pick the Right Exotic Pet for your Family

Traditionally, cats and dogs are the most common household pets. Most owners understand the social nature, time requirement, and cost of care associated with these popular pets and often make informed decisions before adopting a cat or ...

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Apr 26, 2017

How Physical Rehabilitation Helps Pets Recover & Live Fuller Lives

Veterinary physical rehabilitation is a medical field devoted to enhancing the recovery of a debilitated or injured animal. It involves an understanding of the pet’s metabolism and how the pet is affected by exercise, disease, ...

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Mar 15, 2017

Rodenticides Containing Bromethalin have Deadly Outcomes for Cats and Dogs

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital has seen a recent increase in cats being accidentally poisoned by rodenticide. Medical diagnostics for these cats show damage to their nervous systems which is consistent with the reported effects of ...

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Sep 26, 2016

Treating animals with acupuncture

While acupuncture may seem like a new age trend, it is an actually an ancient form of healing and disease prevention that is over 4000 years old. It was initially developed for humans but the ...

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Aug 12, 2016

Getting to Know Your Pet’s Skin

Do you know which organ is the largest one in the body? I’ll give you a hint: most people don’t think of me as an organ! If you guessed the skin, give yourself a high ...

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Jul 26, 2016

Warm Weather Tips for Exotic Pets

When the weather turns nice, most pet owners like to bring their pets outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine and pleasant breezes. This is also true for owners of birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Here ...

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Jul 21, 2016

RBVH is now AAHA Specialty Accredited

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls has earned a new certification from the American Animal Hospital Association! We are now specialty accredited! After much planning and preparation, in December 2015 we proudly achieved AAHA ...

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Jun 03, 2016

Getting to Know Your Pet’s Heart

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub… Do you know what that is? That’s the sound of me…your pet’s heart! And actually your heart too. I am part of the cardiovascular system which includes me and ...

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May 13, 2016

Getting to Know Your Pet’s Kidneys

Hi! In our last blog, you met me, Liver. I would now like to introduce you to my neighbors, Kidneys. Thanks, Liver, there are 2 of us, Right Kidney and Left Kidney. We are also ...

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May 04, 2016

Getting to Know Your Pet’s Liver

Hi! Nice to meet you! You probably don’t think about me much but I’m an extremely important organ in the body called the liver.  Take a moment to get to know me!

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