Veterinary Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Jul 07, 2015

Blog PhotoIt’s no surprise that many of our kitty cat friends are not big fans of leaving the house, let alone going for car rides and visiting the veterinarian. Cat owners have even been forced to cancel office calls after being unable to catch their cats or get them into carriers.

Providing veterinary care in the comfort of your home is where RBVH At Home, our new house calls service, can help.

What is At Home?

RBVH At Home offers convenient, gentle, and stress-free veterinary house calls for your pet in the comfort of your home.

It’s great for:
• Households with senior pets
• Multiple pets
• Pets that have difficulty travelling
• Pets with anxiety

It’s also perfect for pet owners with:
• Transportation challenges
• Physical limitations
• Busy schedules

Did You Know?

In 2014, Bayer Animal Health and the American Association of Feline Practitioners released the findings from a new phase of the veterinary care usage study, revealing over half the nation’s cats had not been to the vet in over a year and 58% of owners felt bringing their cat to the vet was a stressful event.

Veterinarians most often see our feline friends when illness is suspected by their owner. However, cats are incredibly good at hiding even the tiniest sign that they aren’t feeling well. In the wild, it’s their job to hide that they are sick. Without routine veterinary care, some conditions will not be identified until the cat’s illness is quite severe.

Common signs of illness in a cat:
• Changes in drinking and urination
• Weight loss
• Changes in appetite
• Vocalizing more
• Changes in grooming
• Inappropriate urination and defecation
• Socializing less
• Vomiting
• Limping or not jumping as high
• Hair loss

Diseases that can often be silent until symptoms are severe:
• Dental disease
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Kidney disease
• Intestinal parasites
• Heart Disease
• Overactive thyroid
• Allergies
• Arthritis and pain

Annual exams for cats (kittens to 7 years) and biannual exams for the senior guys (7 years and older) are really important in helping us catch on to treatable diseases before they become a problem.


In addition to cats, we also offer house calls for dogs. Services for both include:

• Annual Check-ups
• Vaccinations
• Sick Exams
• Geriatric Exams
• New Pet Exams and Counseling
• End-of-life Care (Hospice)
• At Home Euthanasia
• Behavior Assessments
• Diagnostic and Lab Services
• Pharmacy

Good health starts at home – so our house call team will perform an exam, collect lab specimens, and answer all your questions in your home environment. In fact, many of our cat exams take place in your bathroom – a nice, familiar place where it’s easy to access him/her without the added stress of playing hide and seek. Dogs, on the other hand, are often happier being examined on the couch or the bed!

Follow Up

If you already have a veterinarian that you love, we look forward to partnering with them! RBVH At Home can work as an extension of the health care provided by your primary care veterinarian through written reports and phone updates.

If your pet’s healthcare requires a trip outside of your living room, we will recommend that you visit your primary care veterinarian for advanced diagnostics, surgery, or hospitalization.

In the event that specialty care is needed, we will work with your primary care veterinarian to recommend the best hospital for your pet to receive care.

Scheduling a House Call

Our house calls teams cover New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Daytime, evening, and weekend hours are available. Please call (732) 747-3636 for details. We look forward to meeting you! Visit our website for more information.